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Skeleton Krewe Voodoo Fest 2019 poster

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Skeleton Krewe 2019 portraits

Skeleton Krewe 2019 portraits are now in the Gallery!

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Now available: our tricentennial zine!

Rewind a year here: For New Orlean’s tricentennial in 2018, Skeleton Krewe designed skull masks and costumes representing characters from New Orleans history, and each member submitted an illustration for a zine that we handed out on Mardi Gras day. Now you can order a copy on MagCloud! (And of course come see us and grab a copy of our new 2019 zine next Tuesday morning! See our parade schedule here!)

Skeleton Krewe Zine 2018

By Skeleton Krewe

36 pages, published 2/26/2019

Our 36 page zine to celebrate the Tricentennial of New Orleans
Find out more on MagCloud

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Mardi Gras is comin’!

Just one week to go! Check out Skeleton Krewe’s Facebook and Instagram this week for lots of pics from Mardi Gras parades gone by, and keep in mind our 2019 parade schedule: we march at the beginning of Krewe d’Etat on Friday night starting at 6:30pm, and then our solo march is Tuesday morning starting around 6:00am, ending at Jackson Square around 8:30.

Skeleton Krewe Mardi Gras 2011

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Skeleton Krewe parade schedule for Carnival 2019

It’s Skeleton Krewe’s 20th anniversary! We’ll be marching in two parades as usual this Carnival season — we’ll be leading Krewe d’Etat on Friday, March 1st, starting at 6:30pm, and then we’ll do our solo march Mardi Gras morning, March 5th, starting at 6:30am and ending at Jackson Square around 8:30am. From there we’ll mosey on over toward Frenchman Street and hang around the street party in front of R Bar after around 10:30am. Come say hi and get yerself a copy of our 20th anniversary zine!!

Skeleton Krewe Mardi Gras 2017

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Skeleton Krewe at Bal Masque!

Check out Skeleton Krewe’s Facebook page to see pics and videos of us shakin’ our bones at Bal Masque 2019!

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Skeleton Krewe 2018 portraits — New Orleans tricentennial!

For New Orlean’s tricentennial in 2018, Skeleton Krewe dressed up as influential personalities from New Orleans and Louisiana history — factual, fictional, and zoological! See all the Skeleton Krewe 2018 portraits here.

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“A grand marshal, a Carnival queen and a krewe of skeletons”

Skeleton Krewe is featured at the beginning of this video by Tulane University!

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That’s how we roll!

Skeleton Krewe -- that's how we roll!

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Skeleton Krewe flag on the homepage of!

Skeleton Krewe’s flag is currently featured on the homepage of, as well as in this great article: A guide to Mardi Gras flags: Banners fly high during the Carnival season.

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