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A Mardi Gras message from Dada Bob

Regarding Skeleton Krewe's Mardi Gras schedule for 2021...

It has been an unusual year, why shouldn't there be something unusual about the Skeleton Krewe, too?

This year, we will not be leading Krewe d'Etat, so the Dictator has decided they won't parade (who knows what nefarious activities they are planning instead).

For over 20 years, people from far and wide have lined St. Charles Avenue at 6am just catch a fleeting glimpse of Le Grande Pooh Bah and the Skeleton Krewe heading downtown to protect the Cathédrale-Basilique de Saint Louis, roi de France from the heretical reproaches of "Christians." Then, we usually head to the Faubourg Marigny to greet La Société de Saint Anne across from one of New Orleans's premier resort locales, the Royal Street Inn and Bar. However, this is an unusual year (you know that, right?), and we are advising all locals and temporary locals to stay home, stay safe, and support the unusual New Orleans artists that you love in the usual way during these unusual times.

Importantly, we believe and follow the science! One of the scientific truths we hold dear to our dried leathery hearts is that old habits are old habits for a reason. Although you won't find us in the usual way at the usual times in the usual places, you may find some of us, wearing multiple masks and social distancing (we believe in science!), at unusual times in unusual places (or not).

If you are lucky enough to find us, and you stay six feet away, we'll bestow upon you an unusual, super rare, wooden nickel or some other memento mori of this most unusual Mardi Gras.


Summus Pontifex Ecclesiae Universalis,
666 miles away in absentia