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Dear Dada

Who is Dada Bob?

Dada traveled the world in search of something. He finally found it deep in the darkest and most impenetrable part of his own soul and what he found still amazing him. That search reinforced in Dada a desire to aid others on their quests into that deep darkness. He has degrees, certifications, confirmations, accolades, etc. etc. etc. Dada now offers support to all based upon his skeletal experiences. Need advice—just ask.

How did you get that name?

Although I prefer not to talk about my “self” as a form of spiritual and political rebellion against bourgeois, egocentric ideology…

Once upon a time, in a city called New Orleans, while inflicting the ears and minds of those tuned into the great college radio station, WTUL, I was visited by Blaze Brown, who along with his crew of aural freaks, ran the long running, and somewhat mythical, Sub-genius oriented radio show “Food Fight of the Gods.” After listening to my show and showing me the ropes using early rudimentary mixing, scratching, patching and outsider weirdness that is pretty common today, he gave me the name “Dada,” after the art movement of the early 20th century. Of course Pope is the title I took much like Napoleon took his.

An interesting fact is that our Pooh Bah was one of the associates that help create the atmosphere of absurdity and prescience that made “Food Fights” so great.

Next question?

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